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Exhaust Detailed Specifications

The full Evolve E-Tronic Exhaust has 3 main components:




E-Tronic Rear Exhaust

The Evolve E-Tronic Rear Exhaust (axle back) fits directly on to the stock X-Pipe or any other aftermarket X-Pipe that bolts on to the stock rear exhaust.

This part of the system contains what is essentially 2 exhausts in 1. It has 2 separate routes for the exhaust gasses to flow. Route 1 is longer, silenced with a perforated section, and includes the curved piping that can be seen between the 2 sides of the back boxes and which ends at the inner tailpipes. When the valves are in a closed position the gasses are forced through this section and provide a nice sporty tone without any drone.

When the valves are open the gasses flow through route 2 – the shorter, straighter, slightly perforated section which ends at the outer tailpipes. This provides a louder race type sound that still has plenty of tonal definition.

The last component of the rear section is the tailpipes. Very importantly we set out with the intention of having our tailpipes adjustable, which allows our customers to adjust them to fit any aftermarket diffuser along with them fitting any model M3 (saloon, coupe or cabriolet). They can be specified in 90mm slash cut rolled edge or 90mm straight cut edge with both options being staggered.

Evolve X-Pipe

The Evolve X-Pipe replaces the stock X-Pipe from the headers (manifolds) to the rear exhaust (axle back). The Evolve X-Pipe is broken down into 2 separate pieces for shipping purposes and to allow for future configuration changes.

The first part of the the Evolve X-Pipe fits on to the stock headers. It deletes the primary cats and has 200 Cell Sport cats in the secondary position. Our testing has shown that the stock primary cats are the primary restriction point of the system so it is not worthwhile having an x-pipe which retains cats (even ‚Sport‘ cats) in this position. Furthermore removing the secondary cats does not provide any extra power.

The secondary Sport cats allow the user to pass emissions testing that involves a sniffer test and helps deal with the unpleasant smell that is associated with going completely cat-less.

The second part of the Evolve X-Pipe contains the ‚X‘ Section and also 2 bullet-type resonators. We recognise many of our customers may already have rear exhausts, so our resonators and secondary Sport cats ensure that the sound is tempered, provides an enjoyable aural experience and a multi-faceted tone. X-Pipes without resonators provide a high-pitch, raspy sound which most people find difficult to live with in the long-term.

The Evolve X-Pipe fits any rear exhaust, including the stock system.

The Wireless Valve System

Valves are essential to the operation of the exhaust in terms of sound switching.

The Evolve E-Tronic exhaust uses electric valves due to ease of installation and the ability to be controlled wirelessly with the supplied key fob controllers. The main body is CNC’d aluminum and great care is taken to make sure the electric compenents are shielded from the elements.

The system used is electric and as such the valve state can be completely controlled by the key fob, allowing for 50/50 positioning. The valves themselves come with a 1 year warranty and are of the very highest quality.


Installation of the exhaust itself is very easy and is a simple swap for the stock exhaust. Installation time is approximately 1 hour for a professional mechanic using a ramp/lift. The electronic side of the installation is approximately 1/2 hour. No specialist knowledge is required. The valves and the wireless controllers come with plug and play looms and the only thing that is required is to connect the system to a power source. We usually use the car battery point which is located in the boot/trunk.


Dyno at the flywheel comparing Stock M3 with Evolve X-Pipe and Evolve Stage 3 tune




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