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DCT Gearbox Upgrade

„From the second you start up the car to driving it hard in different scenarios, it’s noticeable. For those of you with the lightening fast DCT, this is something well worth considering.“

The Evolve DCT software upgrades your standard BMW M3 DCT settings to the BMW GTS gearbox settings. It loads in using the Evolve-R remote tuning device and takes just a few minutes to install.

  • Less lag shifting into Reverse.
  • Default D2 Shift mode on start up
  • S Mode Shift Memory
  • Crisper, faster shifting throughout
  • Crisper smoother rev matching on downshifts
  • General improvement throughout DCT operation

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„In my honest opinion, I think BMW did a pretty nice job when designing and programming the DCT for the E9X M3. Granted when I first got it, it needed some good software revisions from the dealer to get running properly and smoothly, over the past several years it has performed only in great fashion. Despite the blazingly fast upshifts and near perfect rev-matches, it had it’s little nuances. I have read that the Euro DCT software actually had features that the US DCT software didn’t. When the E92 GTS was released, it became widely known that BMW re-calibrated the software for it’s transmission as well.

Like always, as time progresses, many tuners start to find their ways of enhancing our „standard“ cars, making nice software tweaks to improve power and drivability. Recently, there has been a lot of buzz of the big tuning companies being able to now remotely tune the DCT DME. After reading many reviews, I was pretty hyped up to finally try a DCT Tune. Unlike some of the other tuning companies, Evolve Automotive was kind enough to offer their Evolve Automotive GTS DCT Tune for free for existing clients. My understanding is that most tuners are using the E92 GTS DCT Calibration File as the foundation of their DCT Tunes. I’ll be honest in saying that I don’t know the nitty gritty details, but what I can expand upon are the differences I’ve felt compared to the US DCT Software.

Driving Impressions
1) Shifting into Reverse is much quicker with zero lag compared to the US DCT Software. I found that the US DCT Calibration had a very slight hesitancy when shifting in Reverse, not so much the case with the Evolve DCT Software.

2) Moving the gear selector to the right immediately after start up, it defaults to D2 First Gear.

3) Moving the gear selector to the right a second time after start up, it defaults to whatever the last S-mode was, also in First Gear. It has a memory of last used S-mode shift speed. In my case, I prefer S5. This was the primary reason why I wanted a DCT Tune. I hated having to move to S3 and pressing the shift speed button a couple times to S5. Now all I have to do is move the gear selector twice to the right and it’s at the setting I want.

4) I noticed that slowing down in 2nd gear to a near complete stop does not have the typical bucking or stuttering. It seems to slow down to a stop in 2nd gear much smoother. I will have to confirm this with more mileage.

5) Shifting at WOT through 1-3rd gear, I noticed that there doesn’t seem to be as prevalent of a „soft“ redline or slipping of the clutch. Especially in 1st and 2nd, it shifts with much more assertion and aggression. Absolutely instantaneous.

6) Downshift and revmatching is seamless and immediate. When comparing to US DCT Software, I am noticing an improvement more so in the upper RPM with the Evolve DCT Software. I think this will be more appreciated on the track upon hard braking and simultaneous downshifting.

Software Interface
Sal@Evolve had to recode my EvolveR cable to become compatible with communicating with the Siemens GS40 DME. His promptness and urgency in reprogramming my cable was impeccable as always. Upon receiving the DCT Calibration and updated EvolveR PC Software, he also included very thorough instructions on how to flash the DCT DME. The interface is essentially the same as the EvolveR PC Software for the MSS60 DME. Very intuitive. Overall flashing process took roughly 5 minutes. After the flashing process, the car started up without a hitch!“
Alexander Roy


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